Advantages of Evapocycle

Suitable for Poor Soils and Difficult Sites

Minimal site preparation (levelling only) is required so it’s great for difficult sites or rocky areas. No ground absorption is required so its fabulous for sites with heavy clay soils. There is no hydraulic discharge to contaminate ground water so sandy soils are no problem. It sits above ground so it’s suitable for areas with high water tables.

Suitable for slopes

The steeper slopes can be excavated to achieve a 4m wide level ”terrace” along the contour of the land on which the Evapocycle can be constructed. Alternatively the Evapocycle can be ‘stepped’ down a slope to conform to the garden layout plan.

Environmentally Friendly

Evapocycle is suitable for sites that are not suited to in-ground absorption trenches or conventional evapotranspiration systems in high rainfall areas. For example, in National Parks and environmentally sensitive areas where septic discharges could contaminate the ground water.

Processes Large Quantities of Wastewater

The massive surface area of Evapocycle’s Core Treatment Zone (CTZ) promotes high rates of evaporation. Unlike a conventional evapotranspiration bed Evapocycle is not reliant the exposed surface area of the bed. Conventional evapotranspiration beds fail to operate correctly when rainfall exceeds the evaporation rate which is common in many parts of Australia especially during the cooler winter months.

No Rainfall Inflows

The Evapocycle CTZ is protected from rain which would flood normal in-ground absorption trenches.

Suitable for Extreme Environments

Evapocycle is suitable even in areas of torrential rain. There are no below ground components that would flood. The CTZ evaporation area can be positioned well above any potential flood waters.

Closed System

The Evapocycle produces no wastewater (hydraulic) discharge because of the high evaporation efficiencies. The system does not allow leakage. So it’s great for environmentally sensitive areas.

Suits landscaping applications

We can use a wide variety of materials to construct the Evaopcycle. This includes treated timber or masonary.

Customers are able to select their favourite drought tolerant plants which will be incorporated into the design, in which case the system resembles a raised garden bed.

The system can be ‘stepped’ down a slope, or curved to follow a contour.

All natural processes

No environmentally damaging chemicals are required. In fact we use no chemicals at all!!

Can be Used in Conjunction with Grey Water

Grey water is great during dry weather, but can pool during wet weather. The Evapocycle system allows the use of Australian Standards compliant reclaimed grey water on your garden. Reclaimed grey water from the bathroom and laundry and used on your garden will save up to 60,000L (200 days watering) each year. Any unwanted reclaimed grey water is automatically recycled back to the Evapocycle during periods of wet weather.

Suitable for Small Residential Blocks

Package sewerage systems require large irrigation areas for the final dispersal of treated water. These areas vary from state to state (Queensland [200m2] to Tasmanian [400m2+]) that may not be available on small blocks. Evapocycle has a smaller footprint (40m2) which is only 10% to 20% of the land area required for package sewerage systems.

Low Maintenance

Evapocycle do not require annual inspections. This saves money on inspection fees when compared to package plant sewerage systems that require quarterly specialist inspections to do a ‘bug’ count and refill the chlorine dosing chambers.

Energy Efficient

Unlike package plant sewage systems, there are no continually running high wattage aeration pumps required that may cost hundreds of dollars annually to run. Evapocycle operation only requires the use of a small water pump only that can be fitted with solar cells for complete on-site wastewater management environmental sustainability. The small pump operates for a few minutes a day to distribute liquid into the treatment area.

Uneven Loading

No minimum flow rates required to maintain effectiveness. Evapocycle can operate effectively with periodic large in-flows (e.g. campgrounds or sportsgrounds on weekends) and then long periods of low or no flow.

Evapocycle in the Cook Islands – safe from the flooding after a Category 1 cyclone