Robert Henkel founded R2 Solutions in March 2011 which will operate as a separate and independent Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) from his existing firm Quality 3DC Solutions, Inc. which he has owned and operated since 2006.


R2 will target sustainability in remote areas that are not connected to a sewer, during civil emergencies and on military operations by featuring the Field Septic Disposal System (FSDS) and Evapocycle advanced sewerage treatment technologies.

Current sanitation methods used remote areas, during civil emergencies and on military operations are mainly based on chemical treatment and removal by ‘porta-potty’ (PP) service/trucks. These methods are both costly, logistically demanding, and environmentally unfriendly. PP service reliability in remote or disrupted areas is also a major problem, which can be minimized using Evapocycle/FSDS Chambers.

The FSDS and Evapocycle technologies have already been employed by Australian and New Zealand military forces and in several international civil/emergency applications by the inventor, Robert Patterson. Furthermore, Rob Patterson applied for and received the U.S. patent rights for Evapocycle and FSDS.  Robert Henkel has contracted with Rob for sole U.S. patent rights, to manufacture and distribute in the U.S. The key components are now set to be manufactured in San Antonio, TX and Saginaw, MI.  As stated above R2 Solutions is a SDVOSB and the FSDS operated in the U.S. by R2 will be “Made in the U.S.A.”


FSDS Chambers are compact, lightweight and easily deployable to provide flushing toilet facilities in non-serviced areas for  groups (up to 5,15 or 25 persons) or larger groups such as in remote holiday camp sites, during civil emergency or natural disasters for displaced persons (refugee camps) and military operations (base camps). FSDS Chambers kits are complete ready for immediate use or deployment. FSDS kits can be stored with tentage and other important equipment.